Doctor of Audiology

Patrice Rifkind, Au.D.


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As an audiologist, I help people with hearing or tinnitus problems by evaluating hearing and treating hearing problems if needed. I remove earwax, refer to a medical doctor for some medically treatable hearing problems. Hearing devices are fit when they are needed and help improve the quality of people’s lives through better hearing and communication. Hearing devices not only improve the quality of life, but help to protect the brain and the financial earning potential of the person who uses them.


Diagnostic hearing evaluations, fitting amplification devices (hearing aids) and other assistive listening devices, cerumen removal, ear impressions for earplugs or hearing devices – ear protection in noise or for swimming, adjusting hearing devices to improve hearing in many environments.


“If you want the best and the most caring place to get the help in hearing you need, please go to Dr. Patrice Rifkind and her staff. I needed help as a low income senior and Patrice is a miracle worker in finding a solution to any problem. I find I have other friends who have been going to her for years and all highly recommend Audiology Associates.”
—Danette L.